Acoustic Guitar, November 1995

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     Kottke's next Private Music album may be a live recording, something he hasn't done since Live in Europe (Chrysalis), which was released in 1980.  "For the longest time I've wanted to do a live record," said Kottke, "but now that I have the opportunity to do it, I'm not sure that I want to.  That's only because I haven't decided on the best way to record it.  I'd really like to do something that is genuinely what I do in concert."

     Kottke maintains a fairly relentless schedule of solo performances throughout much of the world, although lately he has devoted considerable time to touring on a concert bill that originally featured Kottke, Pepe Romero, Paco Pena, and Joe Pass, who left the tour last year shortly before he died of cancer.  Kottke said the tour will probably resume this year in Australia as a trio.  "We found it impossible to fill Joe's spot," he said.  "He broke the mold, and we just can't imagine anyone else sitting there.  I have never had as much fun as I did playing with those guys.  Not only hearing all that music, but talking all that music -- it was a kind of paradise."  The End

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