Recordings:  A Shout Toward Noon (1987)

Track Listing

1.  Little Beaver  1:36
2.  A Trout Toward Noon  2:49
3.  Little Martha  2:33
4.  Easter Again  3:06
5.  Piece 17  2:05
6.  Three Quarter North  3:23
7.  Echoeing Gilewitz  2:59
8.  Air Proofing Two  5:18
9.  A Virtuoso Is His Own Reward  3:59
10.  Four Four North  2:30
11.  The Ice Field  6:54
12.  First To Go  5:09

Cover from A Shout Toward Noon
Album Cover

Production Credits:

Producer:  Buell Neidlinger

Leo Kottke, Guitar
Buell Neidlinger, Cello
Randy Kerber, Synthesizer

Record Plant, Studio M
Engineer: Dan Wallin
Assistant Engineer: Rick Winquest

All songs written by Leo Kottke except "Little Martha," written by Duane Allman.
All songs © Round Wound Sound, Inc./ASCAP.
Worldwide administration controlled by BUG.

"Three Quarter North" and "Four Four North" © TSP Music/ASCAP.
"Little Martha" © Unichappell, Inc./BMI

Liner Notes:
by Leo Kottke

     It seems to me that I should explain the title.  This is a reaction to being asked, so many times, what my titles mean.  My old manager used to say "they don't mean anything."  I usually respond to the question with a stumble into ellipsis and something about Flannery O'Connor.....and maybe that is a "Shout Toward Noon."

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