Billboard (July 17, 1971)

Talent In Action:

Hoyt Axton/Leo Kottke
Troubadour, Los Angeles

      It was one of those totally delightful evenings that come all too infrequently.  Hoyt Axton played a beautifully loose and funny set which followed Leo Kottke's show of unparalleled guitar virtuosity.

      Axton, know for writing "The Pusher" and "Joy to the World," finally is starting to make public appearances again.  And what an act!  His voice and the backing group (the Hollywood Living Room band) were great, but his audience raps between songs nearly stole the show.  His music is in the country rock vein for the most part, although there is a bit of everything in his show.  His version of "The Pusher" is the definitive one.

      There are very few adjectives that can describe Leo Kottke.  He is a master of the 12-string guitar and [his] voice is constantly improving too.  His material is always strong, with no weak spots.  Kottke tunes his guitar a bit too much between songs, but usually he has a funny story or two to tide him over.  Descriptions of his playing style are meaningless; he has to be heard to be believed. -- George Knemeyer.

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