Billboard (November 18, 1972)

Talent In Action:

Leo Kottke/David Elliott
My Father's Place, Roslyn, N.Y.

      He has described his dry, rich baritone as resembling the backlash of gastric disturbances in geese, but one suspects that Leo Kottke's Minnesota environs must harbor an unusually mellifluous species of geese.

      Kottke's main strength still lies in his guitar work, though, and his appearance in Roslyn found him in good shape as he crafted lovely, ringing songs from his 12-string.  A contingent of Kottke devotees responded with "Get it on," which is a little strange but reassuring nonetheless.

      His set offered his most familiar works, from his first Takoma recordings to his two albums from Capitol, including Ron Nagle's "From the Cradle to the Grave."  Kottke's own "Hear the Wind Howl" and various personalized reading of everything from Bach to bop and nursery rhymes.  

      Opening the evening and scoring nicely was David Elliott, Atlantic Records artists. Elliott's songs move surely, comfortably from blues and country straight through rich pop melodies, and his guitar and voice carry the weight well.

-- Sam Sutherland

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