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Image      These pages provide an wealth of information related to acoustic steel-string guitarist Leo Kottke, including articles from various publications that have been reprinted in their entirety.  According to Canadian copyright law, "any fair dealing with any work for the purposes of private study or research" does not infringe on copyright.  This is the Canadian equivalent of the "fair use" provision in American copyright law.  I believe this web site meets both definitions since the information in these pages:

     Despite all these very valid arguments for making all this information available on the web, I am still concerned about my personal liability with respect to copyright law, particularly with more recent information.  I do not believe that I am infringing on copyright here anymore than I would be by retyping interviews into my word processor and then inviting people off the street into my house to read what is on the computer monitor free of charge.  However, whether or not I have infringed on copyright does not absolve you of your obligation not to infringe on copyright.  These are my personal pages and the fact that you can view them freely does not mean that you can copy the information -- by downloading it -- for your personal use or for any commercial purpose, implied or explicit.  

     To ensure that you understand your liability on downloading material under copyright, please read the following restrictions before continuing to explore this site:

Previously Published Text

     Text that has been transcribed from magazines, radio and television remains under copyright of the publisher or broadcaster.  I have designed this site to discourage whole-sale downloading of articles by breaking them down into separate files.  If you want copies of material not currently available from retailers, I urge you to contact the publishers or broadcasters directly.  Wherever possible, publisher names, web sites, e-mail and snail-mail addresses have been provided.  If you cannot contact the publishers, download the on-line references and go to your local library to find and make your own copies.

Photographs and Other Images

     The on-line reproduction of photographic images from publications is a vague area in copyright law.  Assume that any photographs from magazines are under copyright.  There is probably no infringement in viewing these images on-line, but in downloading images for off-line viewing you may be liable for copyright infringement.

Audio and Video Samples

     All samples come from audio and video recordings that are privately owned.  Because the samples are so brief, the potential for copyright infringement is unlikely.  But if you like what you hear, please purchase the original audio recordings, most of which are readily available at your local record store.  Leo and his family will thank you -- not to mention the record companies.  With the exception of Home and Away, none of the videos from which clips are taken are available commercially.  I DO NOT DEAL IN BOOTLEG VIDEO (OR AUDIO FOR THAT MATTER) so please do not bother to ask me to sell you copies of Kottke audio or video.

Guitar Tablature

     Amateur guitar tablature has been included on this site for educational purposes.  I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this tablature.  Users can freely exchange and discuss amateur tab through this site.  However, no versions of amateur tab that is also professionally available will be posted or allowed to be posted on this site.  Similarly, anyone seeking financial compensation for unauthorized tab through this site will be banned from posting on the site.  No professional tab -- other than a few sample measures to assist evaluation -- will be posted on this site.

     In proceeding further into this site, you explicitly agree to the above-noted restrictions on downloading or otherwise copying information contained on this site.  By continuing into this site, you thereby assume full and complete liability for any potential copyright infringement should you ignore these restrictions and knowingly or unknowningly download material under copyright.  


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