Recordings:  Chewing Pine (1975)

Track Listing

Standing on the Outside  2:29
(L. Kottke- M. Kottke)

Power Failure  2:20
(G. Brooker-K. Reid)

Venezuela, There You Go  3:08
(Leo Kottke)

Don't You Think  3:30
(Marty Robbins)

Regards from Chuck Pink  2:54
(Leo Kottke)

Monkey Money  1:42
(Leo Kottke)

The Scarlatti Rip-Off  3:32
(Leo Kottke)

Wheels  1:42
(Norman Petty)

Grim to the Brim  3:09
(Leo Kottke)

Rebecca  2:45
(Richard Crandell)

Trombone  2:06
(Leo Kottke)

Can't Quite Put it Into Words  3:17
(Leo Kottke)

Cover from Chewing Pine
Album Cover
Production Credits:


Drums and Percussion:  Bill Berg
Bass:  Bill Peterson
Piano:  Bill Barber
Organ:  Jack Smith on "Don"t You Think"

Produced by Denny Bruce
Engineer:  Paul Martinson
Mastering Engineer:   Bob Berglund
Technical Assistance:   Tom Mudge and David Pelletier
Art Direction:  Roy Kohara
Photography:  Tom Berthiaume

Re-release Liner Notes:

[1992 BGO re-release liner notes by John Tobler same as Ice Water]

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