Recordings:  Dreams And All That Stuff (1974)

Track Listing
1.  Mona Ray (Kottke) ASCAP - 3:40
("The most beautiful name I've ever heard")
Mike Johnsen - Duet Guitar

2.  When Shrimps Learn to Whistle (Kottke) ASCAP - 3:28
("From a Speech on Detente - or warships in the Bosporus
- by Khrushchev in the U.N.")
Bill Berg - Percussion
Bill Peterson - Bass
Bill Barber - Synthesizer

3.  Twilight Property (Kottke) ASCAP - 3:11
("What English realtors call houses that have nothing going for them
anymore except the ghosts in the attic")

Cal Hand - Steel Guitar

4.  Bill Cheatham (P.D.; Arrangement Kottke/Hand) ASCAP - 1:45
("A fiddle tune")
Cal Hand - Dobro

5.  Vertical Trees (Kottke) ASCAP - 2:34
("Vertical trees")

6.  Medley (Bob Wills-Ward Bates,
P.D.;/Bourne Co. Arrangement Kottke) ASCAP - 2:03
("A little bit of San Antonio Rose plastered onto America the Beautiful")

7.  Constant Traveler (Kottke) ASCAP - 3:50
("To be followed by a sequel on the next record")

8.  Why Ask Why? (Norman Gimbel - Ken Lauber)
Ensign Music Corp. BMI - 2:09
("The most beautiful title I've ever heard")
Herb Pilhofer - Piano

9.  Taking a Sandwich to A Feast (Kottke) ASCAP - 2:45
Bill Berg - Percussion
Bill Peterson - Bass

10.  Hole in the Day (Kottke) ASCAP - 2:50
("A place in Minnesota I have never seen")
Bill Barber - Piano

11.  Mona Roy (Kottke) ASCAP - 1:48
Jack "Birthday Party" Smith - Piano
Cal Hand - Steel Guitar

Cover from Dreams And All That Stuff
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Produced by Denny Bruce for Takoma Productions
Engineer:  Shorty Martinson
Mastering Engineer:  Bob Berglund
Recorded at Sound 80, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Album Design and Photography by John Van Hamersveld
All Leo Kottke tunes are published by Overdrive Music, Inc.

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