Dallas Morning News (October 11, 1997)

All Strung Out

Compiled by Will Pry

     While Leo Kottke was busy stealing the show on stage, somebody was backstage making off with one of his guitars.  Mr.  Kottke went backstage between encores Wednesday night at a nightclub in Columbia, Mo., to find his custom-made $2,000 guitar missing.  Mr.  Kottke thought he'd seen the last of his instrument, but to his surprise the guitar was found in some bushes by a city landscaper the following day.  " That was a regular kidnapping, but there is no ransom note or anything, " the guitar virtuoso said.  "This was really cold."

      Police have no suspects, but a doorman at a bar nearby saw a man running up the street carrying a guitar at about the time of the theft.  The mahogany-and- spruce six-string had a far greater sentimental than monetary value, Mr.  Kottke said.  "I've made two records with it, and I've been playing it routinely for a couple of years," he said.  "I haven't had it that long, but long enough to grow into it.  You don't replace it - you just have to kind of retune your head for another guitar."

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