Fingerstyle Guitar, July - August 1997

"Pickers' Picks"

by James Jensen


          ...The big disappointment for me recently is what could have been the biggest news:  two new releases from fingerstyle hero Leo Kottke.  Rhino just released the two CD Anthology which features beautiful packaging, great sound, and a set list that must have ben made by a casual fan, at best.  Buy all the original CDs; they are available and make this ridiculous selection of tunes useless.

       Kottke's recent release of new material (kind of), Standing in My Shoes (Windham Hill) is another disappointment.  Yes, the title cut is the same song he recorded a years ago, that is joined by several other re-records like Cripple Creek, Don't Call Me Ray, and a prozac inspired version of Vaseline Machine Gun.  Joining these stellar remakes are versions of the Fleetwood Mac chestnut World Turning and what must be the millionth recording of Corrina, Corrina.  My reaction to this CD is...why?  Hotshot producer David Z buries Kottke's few new tunes in a production that is a ramshackled attempt at contemporary grooves. Yuck.

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