Recordings:  Guitar Music (1981)

Track Listing

Part Two (1:41)
Available Space (1:34)
Side One Suite:(10:23) Some Birds/Sounds Like.../Slang/My Double
/Three Walls and Bars/Reprise:  Some Birds
Perforated Sleep (2:44)
Strange (2:31)
Little Shoes (1:32)
Jib's Hat (2:15)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (2:41)
Agile N. (1:49)
A Song for "The Night of the Hunter" (3:06)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (1:42)
Sleep Walk (2:20)

Cover from Guitar Music
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Produced by Leo Kottke
For Lowell Lehman and Janelle Coke
Guitar solos on Gibson J-45; Lundberg-Martin 12-string
Recorded in Minneapolis at Sound 80, October and December, 1980
Engineers:  Scott Rivard, Paul Martinson
Thanks to Jeff Roberts and Tom Mudge
Art Director:  John Van Hamersveld
Photo:  Nick Rozsa

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