Guitar Player, July 1988

Record Review:  Regards From Chuck Pink

      Kottke's second album since abandoning fingerpicks finds him expanding the territory laid out on last year's masterful A Shout Toward Noon.  Leo has always been an adventurous musician, but it is clear he has grown dramatically with these efforts.  His tone is rich, clear, and multi-colored; his rhythms are challenging and driven.  And his choice of ensemble partners is brilliant, as he skillfully blends his steel strings with synthesizer, electric guitar string, drums, percussion, and bass.  The material ranges from moody and introspective to funky and playful.  Particularly rewarding is a new reading of "Ojo," a tune he originally recorded on his landmark 1970 Takoma LP, 6 and 12 String Guitar.  Electric guitar support is provided by George Doering on several pieces, and Leo even plays a little electric and synth guitar himself.  Kottke's never sounded better than he does here.
-- J. Sievert

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