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Produced and Directed by Mary Perillo
Edited by Paul Provenzano
Associate Producer:  Keith Browne
Assistant Director:  Paul Prenzano
Concert Lighting Director:  Brian Danitz
Conform and Color Correction:  R. Tadeo Judeo Burden
Concert Sound Recording:  Steve Goldman
Concert Sound Mix:  Paul Martinson

Toronto Crew

For Toronto EFP:  George Dyke
Technical Producer:  Barry C. Elliot
Technical Director:  Richare Grunberg
Video:  Robert Burt
Audio:  Brent Marchenski
Camera:  Scott Brown, Richard Kolicius, Greg Ford, Dave MacLachlan
Dolly Grip:  Ian Taylor
Technical Assistants:  Colm Caffrey, Dale Gleason-Rechner, Diana Mancino, Neil Watt, Dave Williams

For Comfort Sound

Audio Engineer:  Doug McLemont
Assistant Audio Engineer:  Rik Rokicki, Barry Loper

For Westbury Sound & Lights:  Ian Murray, David Thornton, Ian Colinson
For RBI productions:  Rob Bennett, Rene Blackman
Stage Crew:  David Auster, MacDuff Knox, Ken Powell, Ian Taylor
Toronto Production Liaison:  Devine Videoworks, David Devine, Richard Mozer, John Crockford

Minnesota Crew

Unit Manager:  Suzanne Garfield Camera:  Bob Hutchings Location Audio:  Bob Perkerwicz
Audio Editor:  Matt Zimmerman
Assembly Editor: Val Mandor
Production Assistant:  Mia Nasanour

Nashville Crew

Camera:  Jack Lawrence
Grip:  Doug Butes

Post Production

National Video Industries, New York
74th Street Recording Studio, Minneapolis

Titles:  Rocky Pinciott

For Sanbord, Perillo & Co:  Lyn Clerget, Angela Bouer, Simon Wynn, Jordan Beisel

Special Thanks:  Doc Watson, Chet Atkins, Ron Goldstein (Private Music), Brian Kelly, Michael Hedges, David Hodson, Hillary Burgess, Michelle Selon, Michael Healy, John Sanborn, Merril Wasserman, Chuck Morris, Mary Kottke

Tennessee Performings Arts Center

Bon Gruhn, Gruhn Guitars Inc., Nashville

Lawrence Bros., Records & Souvenirs, Nashville

Nelson Zapata and Lucy

Produced in association with KTCA Minneapolis/St. Paul
Program Executive:  Gerald Richman


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