Recordings:  John Fahey/Leo Kottke/Peter Lang (1974)

Track Listing

Cripple Creek (L. Kottke)
Overdrive Music, ASCAP

Red & White (L. Kottke)
Overdrive Music, ASCAP

Anyway (L. Kottke)
Overdrive Music, ASCAP

Thoth Song (P. Lang)
Horus Music Pub., ASCAP

Ice Miner (L. Kottke)
Overdrive Music, ASCAP

St. Charles Shuffle (P. Lang)
Horus Music Pub., ASCAP

When Kings Come Home (P. Lang)
Horus Music Pub., ASCAP

As I Lay Sleeping (P. Lang)
Horus Music Pub., ASCAP

On the Sunny Side of the Ocean (J. Fahey)
Tortoise Music, ASCAP

In Christ There Is No East of West
(Public Domain)

Sunflower River Blues (J. Fahey)
Wynwood Music, BMI

Revolt of the Dyke Brigade (J. Fahey)
Hodolog Music, BMI

Cover from John Fahey/Leo Kottke/Peter Lang
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Peter Lang cuts produced by:  Kerry Fahey
Mastered at:  United Sound, Burbank, CA
Cover Art:  Eric Monson & John Cabalka
CD Design:  Murry Whiteman
CD Art Director:  Dee Westlund
Digitally Remixed and Mastered at:  Dave Pell Digital by Michael Boshears

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