Recordings:  Leo Kottke (1976)

Track Listing

*Buckaroo (2:03)
The White Ape (2:08)
Hayseed Suede (2:43)
Rio Leo (2:55)
Range (3:24)
Airprofing [sic] (2:16)
Maroon (1:59)
Waltz (2:22)
Death by Reputation (4:07)
Up Tempo (1:40)
Shadowland (4:03)

Cover from Leo Kottke
Album Cover
Production Credits:

All songs written by Leo Kottke except *written by Bob Morris

Produced by Denny Bruce

Published by Overdrive Music (ASCAP) Admin. by Bug except *Blue Book Music (BMI)

Recorded by Ern Rose at Armstrong Studios, Melbourne;
Scott Rivard and Paul Martinson at Sound 80, Minneapolis;
Dave Hassinger at the Sound Factory West, Los Angeles;
Douglas Decker at Western Recording, Los Angeles

Re-mix:  Scott Rivard, Sound 80

Photographic Collage by John Van Hamersveld

Arrangements by Jack Nitzsche.

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