Live Recordings:  Leo Kottke Live (1995)

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Production Credits:

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by:  Paul duGré
Edited by:  Michael Webster
Assistant Engineer:  Phil Crumrine
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at The Mastering Lab,  Los Angeles, CA

Special Thanks:  Tom Matherly, Chris Mickle, Mickey Houlihan, Lunatec, Kevin Clock, Rob Lewis, Rob Kurtz, Don Strasburg, The Fox Theater and Taylor Guitars

Art Direction:  Melanie Penny
Design:  Mary Ann Dibs
Photography:  Michael Wilson

Personal Management by Morris, Bliesener & Associates, Denver, CO

Also available by Leo Kottke on Private Music CD's and cassettes:

Catalog #Title
2007-2/4-P A Shout Toward Noon
2025-2/4-P Regards From Chuck Pink
2050-2/4-P My Father's Face
2068-2/4-P That's What
0100582087-2/4 Great Big Boy
0100582111-2/4 Peculiaroso
And on Private Music video:
2050-3-PHome and Away

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