Musician (September, 1992)

Leo Kottke

[This is an article on guitarists' favourite guitar solos...only Kottke's section is included -- BH]

      The first thing I thought of was the solo Buddy Holly took on "Crying, Waiting, Hoping," because it may be the first guitar idea that really snagged my ear.  I was a kid in Oklahoma just beginning to play.  The funny thing was that it wasn't the kind of guitar I wanted to play.  But all the melody sense he had as a writer was in that solo.  It was simple and just right.  He was a tricky player, great rhythm.  I just ran into Gary Busey, who has Buddy's guitar, and when I played the thing it had that Holly sound -- can you believe that? Until he pulled it out I never though I'd be struck by somebody's guitar, but I'm tellin' ya, I'm tellin' ya ... My second choice would be "It's Easy When You Know How" by Lonnie Johnson.  I don't know anybody who has figured that one out.  Lonnie was a freak.

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