Frets, May 1987

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      The original article included a transcription of Leo's tune "Fisherman" (also published in John Stropes' book Leo Kottke:  Eight Songs).  For copyright reasons, I am not including the transcription here nor the study notes that accompanied it.  However, the following text was also included with the transcription and is not specific to "Fisherman" so I'm including it here --  BH

Although Kottke currently is using standard tuning for most of his 6-string instrumentals, he continues to use alternate tunings on his 12-string in order to include some of his "old favorites" in his concerts.  One of his most commonly used tunings is Drop D (D A D G B E, lowest pitch to highest), lowered one and a half-steps.  The guitar is actually tuned B F# B E G# C#, low to high.  He uses this tuning on "Louise" and "Living in the Country."

Kottke plays in Open G -- D G D G B D low to high -- for "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."  He uses Open G lowered one and a half-steps for "Jack Fig."  The actual pitches of the strings are B E B E G# B, low to high.

He uses Open D lowered one whole-step for "Watermelon."  Those pitches are C G C E G C, low to high.  A Shout Toward Noon also employs alternate tunings, including regular Drop D for "Little Beaver."

-- Mark Hanson

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