Concert Performances:  Live At The Bottom Line, New York

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Here's the copy from a magazine ad for the slide designed by Leo.  I recently purchased one and take my word for it, you won't be disappointed. -- BH

"My first two AcoustaGlide® slides were stolen.
  Now you can buy one."

Leo Kottke, Guitarist
Designer, AcoustaGlide Guitar Slide

     "The AcoustaGlide is a real problem solver," says Leo Kottke.  "The shape is sort of flared (patent pending), allowing for single note playing and chords.  Other metal slides not only have the wrong shape, but also contain crummy metal, making every note lisp or thud.  The AcoustaGlide alloy took years to sort out, and sounds -- this is the truth -- better than glass.  It's tone is a function of its desnity, producing a solid, ringing note."  Word is getting around.  AcoustaGlide is now the best-selling premium guitar slide in the world.  Available in four sizes.

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3115 Mike Collins Drive, St. Paul, MN 55121
(800) 528-2437 o (612) 688-7502 o FAX (6122) 688-6234

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