The Toronto Star, November 11, 1993
Webmaster's Note:

      I attended this sold-out concert (Leo hasn't been back to Toronto since!) and was fortunate enough to get seats in the center third row, right in front of the stage.  Joe Pass came out first, and was followed by Paco, Pepe and finally Leo.  All individual performances were one complaint being that Leo did not play long enough!  Then, Joe and Leo played a tune together (a bluesy number as I recall), as did Paco and Pepe, and, at the end of the concert, all four jammed together.

      I remember when Leo came on stage for the first time, he noticed that people were sitting in portions of the two upper left and right balconies behind the stage, so that those people were more or less looking at the backs of the performers.  He smiled and, referring to the people in those seats, said to the rest of the crowd, "Well, they really got ripped off, didn't they?" or words to that effect. -- BH

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