Recordings:  Peculiaroso (1994)

Track Listing

1.  Peg Leg  3:28
2.  Poor Boy  3:07
3.  Parade  2:48
4.  Wonderland by Night  3:28
5.  World Made to Order  3:46
6   Room Service (at the Tahiti Motel)  2:52
7.  Turning into Randolph Scott (Humid Child)  3:40
8.  Porky and Pale  2:24
9.  Arms of Mary  3:05
10.  The Room at the Top of the Stairs  2:40
11.  Big Situation  3:14
12.  Twilight Time  1:51

Cover from Peculiaroso
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Produced by Rickie Lee Jones
Recorded and Mixed:  Paul duGre at Ocean Way and Conway Recording Studios, LA.
Assistant Engineers:  Dan Bosworth, Mark Duilbeault, Noel Hazen & Marnie Riley
Mastered:  Joe Gastwirt at Ocean View Digital Mastering, LA.
Pre-Amps:  Tom Matherly
Guitars:  Taylor Guitars, Jim Olson and Mark Lacey

Guitar & Vocals:  Leo Kottke
Electric Guitar:  Dean Parks
Bass:  John Leftwich
Drums:  Bill Berg
Percussion:  Brad Dutz
Accordion:  Van Dyke Parks
Harmonies:  Rickie Lee Jones, Syd Straw & Teresa Tudury

"Wonderland By Night" arranged by Van Dyke Parks.

"Poor Boy" arranged by John Leftwich.

"World Made to Order" recorded by Sam Hudson at Hudson/Forester, Minneapolis.

"Peg Leg", "Parade", "World Made To Order", "Room Service (at the Tahiti Motel)", "Turning into Randolph Scott (Humid Child)", "Porky and Pale" and "Big Situtation"  Written by Leo Kottke, ©Round Wound Sound, Administered by Bug Music (ASCAP).

"Poor Boy":  words & music by Bukka White and John Fahey, ©Terrapin Music (BMI).

"Wonderland by Night":  music by Klaus Gunter-Newman & Lyrics by Lincoln Chase, ©Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI).

"Arms of Mary":  Written by Ian Sutherland, ©Chrysalis Music (ASCAP).

"The Room at the Top of the Stairs":  Written by Randall Hylton, ©Paul Craft Music,  Administered by Copyright Management, Inc. (BMI).

"Twilight Time":  Written by Buck Ram, Morty Nevins & Al Nevins,  ©TRO-Devon Music, Inc. (BMI).

Liner Notes:

A collarboration between Leo Kottke and Rickie Lee Jones (producer) should be called should also be called BRILLIANT.

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