Stephen Paulus:  Biography and List of Works

Works by Stephen Paulus
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  • Chorus (A cappella and with instruments)
    • An American Medley (1988)
      SATB/Brass Quintet. Text:  Trad. folk
      15 minutes

    • The Angels and the Shepherds (SATB) (arr.)
      Text by Helen A. Dickenson
      1 minute
      EA 610

    • Angels We Have Heard On High (SATB, organ)
      Anonymous text
      2 minutes
      EA 613

    • Barbara Allen (arr.)
      SATB; guit.
      2 minutes

    • Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella (arr.)
      SATB; guit. 1 minute
      EA 611

    • Built on a Rock (SATB, organ/piano)
      Text by Gruntvig, trans. Paulus 4 minutes
      EA 466

    • Canticum Novum (1990)
      Commissioned and premiered by the Valley Chamber Chorale of St. Croix, MN.
      Text:  Trad. Christmas
      SATB/fl, ob, perc (1), hp
      30 minutes

    • Cats, Friends & Lovers
      Commissioned and premiered by the Radcliffe Choral Society. Text by Stevie Smith.
      10 minutes

    • Christmas Eve Carol (SATB)
      4 minutes

    • Come Life, Shaker Life (1991) (SATB)
      3 minutes

    • Echoes Between the Silent Peaks (1984)
      Commissioned and premiered by the Dale Warland Singers. Text by Tu-Fu, 8th century Chinese poet. Mixed Chorus with fl, ob, perc, harp, vln, vlc
      25 minutes

    • Evensong (SATB) (1990)
      3 minutes

    • The First Nöel (SATB) (arr.)
      2 minutes
      EA 544

    • For All Saints (1990)
      Commissioned by the Rohr family of Atlanta and premiered by the Cathedral Church of St. Philip.  Text:  Julian of Norwich and others.
      SATB; org
      12 minutes

    • Fountain of My Friends (1977)
      Commissioned by the Schubert Club of St. Paul, MN. Text by Michael Dennis Browne.
      SSA; pf
      10 minutes.

    • Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind (1990)
      Commissioned by the NEA; premiered by the Dale Warland Singers.  Text by Carl Sandburg.
      10 minutes

    • Hallelu! (2-part, keyboard)
      EA 511
      2 minutes

    • I Gave My Love a Cherry
      Sop solo; SATB; hp
      3 minutes

    • In the Moon of Wintertime (1990)
      Commissioned and premiered by All Saints Episcopal Church of Atlanta.
      SSA; hp
      3 minutes

    • Jesu Carols (1985)
      Commissioned and premiered by the William Ferris Chorale
      SATB; hp (Set of four incl. The Ship Carol) 10 minutes
      EA 601

    • Let All Creation Praise (1991)
      Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. William Lester and Dr. and Mrs. Charles Moon.  Premiered by Peachtree Road United Methodist Church of Atlanta. Text:  Psalm 150 & Hildegard.
      SATB; org.
      4 minutes

    • Love Letters (1986)
      Commissioned and premiered by The College of St. Theresa at Winona, MN.  Text:  Letters from famous women to infamous men.
      Sop & Alto soli, SSA chorus, fl, perc
      15 minutes

    • Madrigali Di Michelangelo (1987)
      Commissioned and premiered by the Cantari Singers of Columbus, OH. Text:   Michelangelo
      20 minutes

    • Marginalia (1977)
      Text:  13th century Irish scribes.
      SATB; fl, perc.
      10 minutes

    • Now is the Gentle Season (1978)
      Commissioned and premiered by the Minn. All-State H.S.Chorus. Text:  Anon. English
      EA 524
      3 minutes

    • O Little Town of Bethlehem
      SATB, harp and  oboe. Text by Phillip Brooks
      EA 578
      3 minutes

    • Peace (1990)
      Commissioned by the Strommen family of Mpls; Premiered by Augsburg College Choir. Text:  G.M. Hopkins.
      5 minutes

    • Personals (1975)
      Text:  Want ads from "personals" columns.
      SATB; fl, perc.
      5 minutes

    • Pium Paum (SATB)
      Text by Melva Rorem
      3 minutes
      EA 550

    • Sacred Songs (1990)
      Commissioned and pre miered by the Assc. of Anglican Musicians (Atlanta Chapter).
      SATB; fl, ob, perc, org.
      21 minutes

    • Shall We Gather at the River
      3 minutes
      EA 515

    • Silver the River
      Text by M. D. Browne.
      Two-pt. treble, kbd.
      EA 525
      3 minutes

    • Single Girl
      Text:  Trad. Am. folk.
      SATB & harp
      3 minutes

    • Too Many Waltzes (1986)
      Text:  Wallace Stevens.
      TTBB; chimes, timp, hp
      10 minutes

    • Visions from Hildegard (1992)
      Part One:  Commissioned and premiered by the AGO. Text by Hildegard of Bingen.
      SATB; fl, ob, timp, perc, org.
      15 minutes
      Part Two:  Commissioned and premiered by the Dale Warland Singers.
      SATB; perc; brass quintet
      12 minutes

    • Wassail Song
      2 minutes
      EA 612

    • The Water is Wide
      S, Bar soli, SATB; hp.
      3 minutes

    • We Give Thee But Thine Own (SAB, keyboard)
      Text by Wm. Howe, rev. by Paulus
      4 minutes
      EA 522

  • Chamber Music

    • Air on Seurat (The Grand Canal) For Cello & Piano.
      Commissioned by the National Society of Arts and Letters.  Premiere  May, 1992 at National Cello Competition, Phoenix, Arizona.
      7 minutes

    • American Vignettes (1988)
      Cello & Piano.  Commissioned by Linda and Jack Hoeschler for Tanya Remenikova and Alexander Braginsky. Premiere:  Saarbrucken Festival; Germany.
      18 minutes

    • Bagatelles (1990)
      Violin & Piano.  Commissioned by Emory University for William Preucil (vn.) and William Ransom  (pf.)
      12 minutes

    • Banchetto Musicale (1981)
      Cello & Piano.  Commissioned by Gloria and Fred Sewell for Laura Sewell and Thelma Hunter.  Premiere:  St. Paul, MN
      12 minutes

    • Concerto for Brass Quintet (1991)
      Commissioned by the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation for The Saturday Brass Quintet.   Premiere:  Tully Hall, NY.
      15 minutes
      EA 710X

    • Courtship Songs (1981)
      fl, ob, vcl, pf.  Commissioned by Linda and Jack Hoeschler. Premiere:  St. Paul, MN
      15 minutes

    • Duo for Clarinet & Piano (1974)
      Premiere:  Minnesota Composers Forum, Minneapolis
      5 minutes

    • Fantasy in Three Parts (1989)
      Flute & Guitar.  Commissioned by Susan Hedling. Premiere:  St. Paul, MN
      15 minutes
      EA 702X

    • Landmark Fanfare (1978)
      Brass Quintet. Commissioned by Mrs. John F. Alden for the opening of Landmark Center.   Premiere:  St. Paul, MN
      1 minutes

    • Letters from Collette (1986)
      Soprano, pf, st. qrt, perc. Commissioned by Evelyn Lear.  Premiere:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival with Mendelssohn St. Qrt.
      30 minutes

    • Life Motifs (1988)
      Violin, Cello, & Piano.  Commissioned by Dr. Mark Allen Everett for Trio Fontenay of Germany.  Premiere:  Oklahoma City, OK
      12 minutes

    • Mad Book, Shadow Book:  Michael Morley's Songs (1978)
      Text by Michael Dennis Browne.  Commissioned through an NEA Composer Fellowship.
      Tenor, fl, cl, perc(1), pf, vln, vla, vcl
      25 minutes
      Also available for tenor and piano

    • Music for Contrasts (1980)
      String Quartet. Commissioned by the Minnesota State Arts Board. Premiere:   Minneapolis, MN.
      15 minutes

    • Music of the Night (1992)
      Violin, Cello, & Piano.  Commissioned by Oglethorpe University of Atlanta, GA for the Lanier Trio.
      15 minutes

    • Ordway Fanfare (1984)
      Brass Quintet.  Premiere:  St. Paul, MN for the opening of the Ordway Music Theatre.
      1 minute

    • Partita (1986)
      Violin and Piano.  Commissioned by Linda & Jack Hoeschler for William Preucil, vn, and Arthur Rowe, pf.  Premiere:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.
      22 minutes

    • Quartessence (1990)
      String Quartet.  Commissioned by Linda & Jack Hoeschler for the Cleveland Quartet.   Premiere:  The Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC.
      20 minutes

    • Seven for the Flowers Near the River (1988)
      Viola & Piano.  Commissioned by Linda & Jack Hoeschler for Cynthia Phelps, va and Warren Jones, pf. Premiere:  Tully Hall, New York.
      19 minutes
      EA 699X

    • Seven Miniatures (1990)
      Violin, viola, cello.  Commissioned by Ensemble Capriccio of Minneapolis.  Premiere:  Minneapolis, MN
      21 minutes
      EA 685X

    • String Quartet No. 2 (1987)
      Commissioned by Dr. Mark Allen Everett for the Quartet Oklahoma.  Premiere:  Norman, OK
      20 minutes

  • Voice and Piano

    • All My Pretty Ones for Soprano and Piano (1984)
      Commissioned through an NEA Composer Fellowship for Ruth Jacobson, soprano, and Paul Schoenfield, Piano. Premiered by Ruth Jacobson in St. Paul, Minnesota. Texts by Michael Dennis Browne.
      26 minutes
      EA 554X

    • Artsongs for Tenor and Piano (1983)
      Commissioned by Paul Sperry. Premiered by Paul Sperry in St. Paul, Minnesota Texts by 7 contemporary poets.
      27 minutes
      EA 555X

    • Bittersuite for Baritone and Piano (1988)
      Commissioned by Nicholas Nash for Hakan Hagegard, bar. and Warren Jones, pf.  Text by Ogden Nash
      16 minutes
      EA 713X

    • Mad Book, Shadow Book:  Michael Morley's Songs Tenor and Piano (1977)
      Commissioned by the Schubert Club of St. Paul for Vern Sutton, ten. and Julie Himmelstrup, pf. Text by Michael Dennis Browne
      25 minutes

    • Three Elizabethan Songs (1973)
      For Soprano and Piano.  Text by Elizabethan Poets
      5 minutes

  • Piano

    • Dance (1986)
      3 minutes
      EA 591 (In Changing Faces anthology)

    • Translucent Landscapes (1979)
      21 minutes
      EA 498X

  • Discography

    • All My Pretty Ones - Albany Records TROY036-2 (CD)
    • Artsongs - Albany Records TROY036-2 (CD)
    • Bittersuite - Albany Records TROY036-2 (CD)
    • Carols for Christmas - Ten Thousand Lakes SC 100 (CD)
    • Concertante - New World Records 363-2 (CD)
    • Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind - Innova Records MN110
    • So Hallow'd Is The Time - Pro Arte PCD 257 (out of print)
    • Symphony for Strings - New World Records 363-2 (CD)
    • Symphony In 3 Movements (Soliloquy) - Elektra/Nonesuch 79147-2
    • Violin Concerto - New World Records 363-2 (CD)

    Items with edition numbers are available for sale through music dealers.

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