Recordings:  Regards From Chuck Pink (1988)

Track Listing

1.  I Yell at the Traffic  3:14
2.  Foster's Feet  4:01
3.  Dan's Tune  3:19
4.  Skinflint   2:42
5.  Pink Christmas  3:00
6.  Short Wave  2:45
7.  Dog Quiver  3:36
8.  Busy Signal  3:52
9.  Theme From "Doodles"  2:15
10.  The Late Zone  4:14
11.  Taxco Steps  3:14
12.  Ojo  3:44
13.  Mary  3:17

Cover from Regards from Chuck Pink
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Produced by:  Buell Neidlinger
Recorded at: MGM Sound Stage, Culver City, California.
Engineer:  Dan Wallin.
2nd Engineer:  Sue McLean.
Mastered by:  Stephen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer, Hollywood, California.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth guitar:  Leo Kottke.
Electric guitar, synth guitar:  George Doering.
Violin:  Ralph Morrison, Brenton Banks.
Viola:  Evan Wilson.
Cello, Fender bass, acoustic bass:  Buell Beidlinger.
Drums, percussion, synth drums, synth program:  Peter Erskine, Jim Keltner.
Electronic woodwind instrument:  Marty Krystall.
String arrangements by:  Buell Neidlinger, Ralph Morrison.

"The Late Zone" electric guitar solo by George Doering.
"Busy Signal" electric guitar - George Doering.
"I Yell at Traffic" violin solo by Brenton Banks.
"Foster's Feet" electronic woodwind instrument played by Marty Krystall.

All songs by Leo Kottke ©1988 Round Wound Sound, Inc./ASCAP.
Worldwide administration controlled by BUG.
"Theme From Doodles" ©1987 TSP Music, Inc./ASCAP.
"Ojo" ©1970 Overdrive Music/ASCAP.

Liner Notes:

     Hearing from Chuck Pink is like getting two broken legs for Christmas.

     Hearing from Chuck Pink is like a death in the family.

     Before it's changed from chemical transmission to thought, Chuck can hear a synapse bridging from two miles away and have a better alternative waiting -- the way a cactus awaits the descent of a teeter-totter, or a mouth awaits a french fry.

     Your life passes before your eyes:  if you're a french fry, if you're on the teeter-totter, or if you hear from Chuck Pink; and not all of your life has been good.  (Chuck knows this and he blames you for it: because you could have done better, because you have noisy synapses, because you are ugly.  Your mother was wrong, your father was wrong, your spouse was wrong, you are worse...and Chuck is right.)

     Chuck is the censor who endlessly compares and sneers; who precedes us in everything we do, if we're crazy; and who, at least occasionally, interferes with us all.  In the face of his malign ministrations - and the catalogue we think of as our life - the least crumb of menaing becomes a light in Chuck's babbling dark.  These tunes explore lifetimes or moments - a pair of feet I met, for example, that are world famous for their aroma - that have not only endured but prevailed against the test of Pink.

- Leo Kottke, Suttgart on the Mississippi, November 1987.

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