Salt Lake Tribune (December 26, 1997)

Leo Kottke Still in Good Standing on Fine New Album

by Martin Renzhofer

      It is safe to say that, when it comes to acoustic-guitar music, the worst of Leo Kottke is better than most others' best.

      Fortunately, "Standing in My Shoes" continues the guitarist's fine standards of composition, finger work and melody.  Kottke always manages to straddle the fine line that separates the technical from the emotional.

      "Standing in My Shoes" also borrows influences from Nashville, where it was recorded.  And for good measure -- and our enjoyment -- guitar legend Chet Atkins takes the lead chores on "Twice."

      Kottke adds a few vocals as well, including a matter-of-fact rendition of the title tune.  But there are two special reasons to buy "Standing in My Shoes" -- Kottke's 6 and 12-string guitars.

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