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[Car driving down road.  Inside the car, Leo is in the driver's seat]


There's a theory about inspiration, about creativity, that it starts with lying.  That if you can't lie, you can't paint, you can't sing, you can't write.  There'd be no man-made beauty on the planet if there weren't lies to begin with.  Which kind of makes sense to me, I tend to believe it.  

Again, in the car, both of my kids were in the back seat, Sarah and my son Joe, and there was one of these piercing screeches, one of these painful high-end noises that only a child can make and that only a parent can suffer for, and as I began to recover and turn around to see what was going on, she said "Joe stuck his finger in my eye."  So I began to look to see what was left of her eye, and Joe said "I didn't know that was your face."  And my heart swelled with pride because I knew I had an artist in the back seat.

Bathurst St. Theatre

[Leo plays "I Yell at Traffic"]

[During the bridge of the song, Leo speaks:]

I like to also look up and try and play at the same time now, something I used to consider the pinnacle of musicianship, but I've learned that talking and playing at the same time is the pinnacle of musicianship.


Leo's Basement

[Leo holds a guitar and stands at the doorway of small room filled with guitars on shelves]


This is where guitars go when they've been bad, or weren't any good to begin with.  This one [indicates the one he is holding] threatens to find a home there.  It began its life in a car wreck.  It was split open laterally.  It was crushed from here to here [points at nut and then at 12th fret].  So the body's been stitched back together, and it was rebuilt by John Lunburg, of Lunburg Guitars in Berkeley, and he put a 28-inch scale on this guitar, which is from here to here [measures the length], which makes it about that much longer [indicates first four frets] than a standard guitar.  As a result, it's just about unplayable, which is the beginning of the feud with thing.

I put my foot through it here [points to side of guitar] one night in Boston, I stepped in the back of it here [points to back of guitar] before going on in London about 10 years ago.  This tape [points to tape covering hole] is wonderful tape, it has more to recommend it than the guitar does...lasted all this time.  It's no longer a 12-string, it's now a 10-string.  I sawed the end off it here [points to top of headstock] so it would fit in a normal case.  The end result is a guitar that's marginally more playable than when I got it. Despite all of that, I'm still disturbed by this instrument.  I think it's gonna find a home here with the rest of these...misbehavers.

Bathurst St. Theatre

[Leo plays "Airproofing II"]



[Storefront with sign reading "Lawrence Bros Records & Souvenirs"]

[Inside, Leo flips through vinyl records in Chet Atkins section]


I'm looking for one called Pickin' My Way.  There it is [pulls out album.]  What a great one.  Put it up front.  [puts the album at the front of the section]

[Walking down the aisle, Leo stops in front of a display of cowboy boots and looks at them]


I keep looking for boots, but they're all pointy.

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