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Bathurst St. Theatre


I think this is a terrific song, but some of the lyrics are really more than anybody can bear.  This guy gets so thrilled that you get depressed, you kind of want to slap him around a bit to bring him into some form of line, you know.  You worry about this guy is what you do.  This is a song that I've heard two distinctly different stories about as far as its origin.  

I like the first story, which was that it was written by a guy who had split up with his wife, and he had wanted to do that for years, but he had never been able to bring himself to the point of saying "I'm gonna leave now."   So when she left, it delighted him to no end and he, within a couple of weeks, became -- to his surprise -- very depressed, and hung out in a restaurant in Los Angeles called "Tony and Mario's" (which I've since learned was actually Martino's).  And six months later after destroying their business by moping in the front for months and months, she called him up and said that she wanted to come back and try it again, and he also burst into song and he emitted this.  And you can see from some of the lyrics why she left him in the first place.

[Leo plays "Rings"]



You can almost see that preacher man in the sand.  [someone in the audience speaks out].  Pardon me?  [audience member speaks again]  The second story is no fun at all.  As a matter of fact, as you can see, we've been shooting stuff all over North America, and we -- wherever you are [looks for manager] -- accosted the guy who wrote this song and asked him about it, and unfortunately he told us.

Eddie Reeves' Office

[Leo walks down office hallway with his manager, either Chuck Morris or Mark Bliesener, ahead of him]

LEO [turns around to face camera and indicates Chuck/Mark]:

  This is my manager, this is my manager.  

CHUCK/MARK [to Leo]:  

This is great, showing you for the first time.  Reevsy!  We're here.

LEO [to camera]:  

He calls him Reevsy.

CHUCK/MARK [to Eddie, who's on the phone]:  

This is Leo Kottke. [to Leo]  This is Eddie Reeves.

EDDIE [on phone, asking for someone]:  

Jimmy Gower? [Webmaster's Note:  I couldn't quite   make out this person's name; this is my best guess -- BH]


Hi Eddie, good to meet you.

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