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Leo's Garage

[Leo standing behind car whose engine has been disembowelled]


The first time I built this engine I drove my family around the backyard in reverse.  I fixed that and the second time I started it up, I had no oil pressure, which meant I had to take it out and rebuild the whole engine.  I finished that, it worked great, parts were balanced, everything was in.  A $1.98 part called a thermostat froze, the engine froze.  I'm not gonna put a fourth engine in here, or build it a fourth time, so I bought one [points to engine on floor].  I may never do this again.
Bathurst St. Theatre


This is called "The Ice Fields," which is a phenomenon that occurs -- well, it's ice, so it's as phenomenal as ice.  Which is something I'm used to, I don't know about the rest of us.  I assume it happens in any of the Great Lakes, but I'm familiar with it happening in Lake Superior when ore boats carrying this stuff made in Duluth [Minnesota] called taconite get stuck unexpectedly in an ice field.  And spend the next two or three months waiting to get unstuck, surrounded by cheap taconite and each other.  And I can only imagine that within a short time with this perpetually gray horizon blending into a perpetually gray sky, they begin to stare at each other's throats.  And that appeals to my sense of romance.  This is a real quiet sort of tune.
[Leo plays "The Ice Fields"]


Leo's Backyard

[Leo sitting in a drydocked motorboat]


I've had a lifelong hatred for cars.  So I bought a boat.  Now I hate boats.  Still, when I'm on the road, I get to meet people I wouldn't ordinarily run into, like guitar players I've listened to.  And when I'm home, I get to go out and sit in the boat.  [pretends to drive boat] "Vroom Vroom."

[Leo sitting around playing a bluegrass tune with Chet Atkins and Doc Watson]

DOC [after they finish]:  

I don't know what they call that, but that's the best pickin' thing I ever got ahold of it.
Leo's Porch

[Leo sitting in a chair on an enclosed porch]

[Leo sings "Louise"]

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