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EDDIE [on phone]:

  Leo Kottke just walked into my office to talk about the song "Rings."

LEO [to camera]:  

He's on the phone.

EDDIE [on phone]:  

You're the publisher, right?  Have you ever heard his version?  Well,   you're the publisher, what do you mean you've never heard of his version?  [Leo   laughs]  You say you've got it recorded so many times you can't keep up, I see, I see.


That's probably -- that's true isn't it?

EDDIE [to Leo]:  

This whole song was written by Alex Harvey and I as a wedding song for a   friend of ours who was getting married named Bob Hamilton.


Oh, a friend of yours?  This isn't you and she's calling you back?


It was a specialized piece of material about them and we knew nobody would know    what we were talking about.  We sang it at his wedding reception.

LEO [slightly crestfallen]:  

That's a totally different story than the one I heard.  But now that   I know it's a wedding song I see why  -- some of the lyrics, I can see that they're   specialized -- 'cause I had a hunch from some of the lyrics that's why she might have left   you in the first place.

[Eddie laughs]

Bathurst St. Theatre


After about half an hour, we decided that my version was better...  This is called "Shortwave."  I wrote this after hearing [looking up toward ceiling] -- excuse me, what the hell is that?  [Still looking up]  Well, I guess it has to be a light.  I'll deal with that later.  And get on with being a professional entertainer here.

I'd heard about a style of guitar called "dry guitar" which originates in West Africa.  And I wanted to hear it.  So I pulled out a radio that I'd had for some years and realized first of all that I couldn't be sure that I was even tuning into Africa, let alone West Africa, and if I heard any dry guitar I couldn't tell you whether I had or not.  I don't think I did, and this tune is what I expected to hear if I did find it.  I'll be anxious to find out how close I got.

[Adjusting the mike] Let's see if I can do this with one hand. [loosened mike stand collapses and mike hits stand with a thud.  Leo laughs]  I'm easily amused, so you'll just have to put up with that.

[Leo plays "Shortwave"]


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