Recordings:  The Leo Kottke Anthology (1997)
Cover from The Leo Kottke Anthology
Album Cover
Track Listing
Disc One

1. The Driving of the Year Nail
(Leo Kottke)  A

2. Ojo
(Leo Kottke)  A

3. Vaseline Machine Gun
(Leo Kottke)  A

4. Busted Bicycle
(Leo Kottke)  A

5. Cripple Creek
(Trad./arr. Leo Kottke)  B

6. Eight Miles High
(Roger McGuinn/David Crosby/Gene Clark)  B

7. Bumblebee
(Leo Kottke)  B

8. Bourree
(J.S. Bach/arr. Leo Kottke)  B

9. Bean Time
(Leo Kottke)  C

10. Tiny Island
(Al Gaylor)  C

11. In Christ There is No East or West
(Trad./arr. John Fahey)  C

12. Last Steam Engine Train
(John Fahey)  C

13. From the Cradle to the Grave
(Leo Kottke/Ron Nagle)  C

14. Louise
(Paul Siebel)  C

15. Easter (live) (Leo Kottke)  D

16. Medley: Crow River Waltz/Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring/Jack Fig (live)
(Leo Kottke)(J.S. Bach/arr. Leo Kottke) (Leo Kottke)  D

17. Pamela Brown
(Tom T. Hall)  E

18. You Tell Me Why
(Ron Elliot)  E

19. Born to be With You
(Don Robertson)  E

Disc Two

1. Mona Ray
(Leo Kottke)  F

2. When Shrimps Learn to Whistle
(Leo Kottke)  F

3. The Scarlatti Rip-Off
(Leo Kottke)  G

4. Open Country Joy (Constant Traveler)
(John McLaughin)  F, H

5. Buckaroo
(Bob Morris)  I

6. The White Ape
(Leo Kottke)  I

7. Range
(Leo Kottke)  I

8. Airproofing
(Leo Kottke)  I

9. Up Tempo
(Leo Kottke)  I

10. Endless Sleep
(Nick Lowe)  J

11. Sonora's Death Row
(Kevin Blackie Farrell)  J

12. Embryonic Journey
(Jourma Kaukonen)  K

13. Learning the Game
(Buddy Holly)  K

14. The Train and the Gate (live)
(Leo Kottke)  L

15. Side One Suite: Some Birds/Sounds Like.../Slang/My Double/Three Walls and Bars/Reprise -- Some Birds
(Leo Kottke)  M

16. Sleep Walk
(John Farina/Santo Farina/Ann Farina)  M

17. Rings
(Eddie Reeves/Alex Harvey)  N

18. Julie's House
(Leo Kottke)  N

Original Album Sources:*

Leo Kottke:  6- & 12-string guitar, vocals

[Numbers in italic (following original album release information) denote peak positions on Billboard's "Top LP's" chart -- courtesy BPI Communications and Joel Whitburn's Record Research Publications]

A. 6- And 12-String Guitar
Takoma #C-1024 (12/69)

B. Mudlark
Capitol #ST-682 (5/71): #168

C. Greenhouse
Capitol #ST-11000 (1/72): #127

D. My Feet Are Smiling
Capitol #ST-11164 (3/73): #108

E. Ice Water
Capitol #ST-11262 (1/74): #69

F. Dreams And All That Stuff
Capitol #ST-11335 (10/74): #45

G. Chewing Pine
Capitol #ST-11446 (9/75): #114

H. Leo Kottke 1971-1976/Did You Hear Me?
Capitol #ST-11576 (10/76): #153

I. Leo Kottke
Chysalis #CHR-1106 (1/77): #107

J. Burnt Lips
Chysalis #CHR-1191 (8/78): #143

K. Balance
Chysalis #CHR-1234 (8/79)

L. Live In Europe
Chysalis [UK] #CHR-1284 (7/80)

M. Guitar Music
Chysalis #CHR-1328 (4/81)

N. Time Step
Chysalis #CHR-1411 (8/83)

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