Recordings:  The Leo Kottke Anthology (1997)
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Production Credits

Compilation Produced for Release by James Austin & Rick Clark
Discographical Annotation:  Gary Peterson
Project Assistance:  Patrick Milligan, Steve Woolard
Editorial Supervision:  Vanessa Atkins, Steven Chean & Julee Stover
Remastering:  Ron McMaster/Tower Mastering
Design:  Maria Villar
Cover Photo:  ©John Sievert/Michael Ochs Archives
Photos:  Michael Ochs Archives
Archival Materials (for research purposes) courtesy of:  Colette & Paul Mawhinney/Record-Rama
Sound Archives, Pittsburgh, PA
Special Thanks:  Ann Howard, Claude Kaylid, Parke Puterbaugh, Margaret Goldfarb
A Very Special Thanks to Leo Kottke
Representation:  Mark Bliesener, c/o Morris, Bliesener & Associates, 1658 York Street, Denver, CO 80206

Miscellaneous Liner Notes

Greetings! I'm Reggie "Dr. Rhino" Collins, and I am gainfully employed by the newly christened RhinoDirect Customer Service Department. Everyday, I work alongside Sonja "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" Smith, Craig "Synth-Boy" De Graff, Brenda "Resident Irish Girl" Lowry, and Frank Zappaphile "I wear a T-shirt, short pants, and knee-high socks regardless of what time of year it is" Brown -- all of us under the watchful eyes of Bob Bunshaft. We are of this Earth and love to lend our musical expertise to your many questions. Why we can even see to it that you get your fave Rhino releases without ever leaving the comforts of your own home by putting you on our mailing list so you can receive our groovy catalogs to ensure that you won't miss a thing!

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Various Artists:

The Acoustic Edge/Great Acoustic Music of the '90s (#71969)
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The Kids Are Alright?

In the '70s the question was where do the children play?  Nowadays we ask, how can children get enough food, clothing, and shelter, not to mention education in safe environments?  Despite our nation's wealth, one in five kids lives in poverty, often further burdened by preventable illnesses and disabiltiies.  Some kids grow up too fast in violent communities, while other suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of adults.  Children Now is a leading organization that speaks for children where they can't, educating the public and policymakers about children's needs and developing and promoting effective strategies to improve their lives.  You can help the kids in your community.  For a free action guitar, write or call:  CHILDREN NOW, 1212 Broadway, Suite 530, Oakland, CA 94612 (800) CHILD-44

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